PAURA di Danilo Paura is the materialization of a rebel and romantic soul. Founded in 2010, the brand represents an introspective journey through the unusual lens of the designer, going deep into his chaotic and blended wardrobe. Crossover is a statement in collections where streetwear and tailoring speak each other, overtaking the concept of fear and moving beyond the limits. Culture and youth celebration serve as frameworks for long-lasting and versatile products, rigorously crafted in Italy through the hands of established one-of-a-kind artisans, the help of innovative technologies and the relationship with the local supply chain.

Competitive spirit, free soul, versatile mind and dirty hands. Danilo Paura, born in a small village next to Cosenza in 1979, found his path in Riccione during the clubbing period. Thanks to his job as a buyer in a tiny retail space, he was one of the first to absorb and convey passion for sneakers and street culture in Italy, growing a community. He has always been a curious child, constantly exploring: garments are not only a product, they share a message, they represent a personality and they are the result of a combination of creative processes. Today he is the creative director of his eponymous brand PAURA di Danilo Paura, spending his days digging into suppliers’ fabric archives, old bottegas and traditional symbolism.

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