PAURA x Frolla “Nothing To Fear” DropX

Milan, 4 December 2020 - Following the successful first two chapters of “Nothing to Fear”, PAURA takes its collaboration with Frolla one step further by teaming up with global resale marketplace StockX. The latest partnership will see the release of a limited edition long sleeved tee - featuring the brand’s renowned green pantone - available exclusively through StockX’s DropX product release model, from 10th December at 13:00 CET.

The DropX model, which offers innovative brands and creators (both legacy and non) direct access to StockX’s global audience, was the perfect release method to further support and leverage PAURA’s vision to integrate the artisanal approach with the more street driven one.
PAURA loves good things, and it also loves aesthetically appealing things. Most of the time “form follows function” as architect Louis Sullivan used to say. Everything is possible but it depends on how we do it.

PAURA has always been looking at details, processes and stories to tell with a coherent selection of local partners which share the same values, goals and motivation.
For the first time, we entered in the real operative ground, the pastry, showing what’s the behind the scene of a group of young and talented kids through the eyes of director Gianluca Grandinetti and the voice of Marco Materazzi, World Cup winner with Italy in 2006 and strong human personality example.

Together we realized a special “Panettone”, the traditional Italian Christmas cake, in a series of few pieces as a cuddly gift for the purchase. Every consumer will receive a voucher to use on and get the free three-chocolate Panettone.

When Hyppocrates said “we are what we eat” we need to think, to consider also “how” we eat, how we “digest” things, how we develop them.

PAURA wants to pursue a world beyond fear, built on the simple delight of making, where people can commit to each other and go beyond their limits.

“Nothing to Fear” third chapter, the first Italian DropX release, is set to be released on the 10​th 

December on with a limited number of 50 pieces priced at 79 EUR.

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