After the success of the first collaboration, Diadora, storied Italian sport brand with a modern dynamic, and the iconic Italian streetwear designer Danilo Paura are developing a new Paura X Diadora capsule, this one for Spring/Summer 2020.

Paura (word which means fear in Italian) has quite an interesting energy tin facing challenges, adapting his message to the fleeting needs. In treating garments, Danilo takes a creatively holistic approach where arts and inspirations mix and merge melting pot style. For this capsule, in a clear nod to Diadora’s DNA, Danilo plays imaginatively with a sport theme, creating a collection that unites tennis and baseball in a contemporary, avant-garde way. So combining all in one two sports and two brands: Paura and Diadora, together again to give a heritage story a smart edgy slant. The original idea to intermix inspirations from different sports also aims to celebrate one of Diadora’s most iconic brand ambassadors from the past, a person playing a major role in both baseball and tennis.

The collection consists of one sneaker available in three colors, Diadora’s Duratech Elite,  along with  a small selection of ready-to-wear items. The Duratech Elite is an iconic Diadora sneaker originally created for one of the top tennis players sponsored by the brand in the ‘90s, Paura's sensational use of denim marks a baseball-inspired shirt, while sartorial-driven shorts are embellished with a smiling ball patch, symbol of the collection, that has a funky pirate flag feel. The color palette references the Duratech Elite‘s original tones, in particular for a premium cotton jersey complete with asymmetrical stains. Thanks also to Danilo’s signature know-how, the knitwear gets into very much of a sport mood, talking about everyday life at tennis clubs, moments of togetherness and cool fun.

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