Adaptive: Paura SS 20 Fashion Show

Adaptive – adjective

1. characterized by or given to adaptation.

"mutation is ultimately essential for adaptive evolution in all populations"

Transition, mutation, conversion into modern perspectives. Have you ever thought to analyze elements not

through the conventional approach? This is called innovation. Don’t forget your roots, live with them and elevate them. Danilo Paura “Adaptive” collection wants to investigate and to set a connection with the namesake creative director’s soul, radicated in the region of Calabria: Riace Bronzes, statement of empowerment, are still mutating finding their space as an allover motive digitally built alongside the representation of Phobos, deity part of Magna Graecia’s spirituality. From production methods to fabrics, Italianity represents a dogma, a real melting pot of techniques: patterns developed in the 1800, hidden in Molinelli’s archive, timeworm and fascinating print frame machines and a meticolous research of feedstock.

“I'm not an abstractionist. I'm not interested in the relationship of color or form or anything else. I'm interested only in expressing basic human emotions: tragedy, ecstasy, doom, and so on.”

Mark Rothko

An artistic process tending to embrace a multisensorial experience, an ethereal and mysterious atmosphere where the viewr loses his common identity diving into a wide host of interpretations. Rothko jumps into this collection blowing up his colors’ expressive vision. Handmade canvasses are turned into digital elements under the eye of the progress and the same happens with a real Batik procedure which falls in the hands of an ultra-modern scanner.

Each surface reacts in its proper way shaping the garments and giving them an unusual personality: nylon, silk, velvet and tencel come under the effect of an artisanal treatment releasing their impurities. Hues of lilac, violet and fucsia chase tones of turquoise and coffee, spreading a visual background for 80’s over volumes.

Don’t waste time to create, let’s adapt.

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