PAURA / LAVAZZA - Let’s Make a Refresh

Milan, 29/06/2021 - Two Italian craftsmanship realities together for a purpose.

Lavazza is one of the most popular Italian coffee brands in the world, born in Turin in 1895: a synonym for quality and culture, the company has always been fostering unexpected stories and real people. The ones that can drive innovation, inspiration and stimulus.

As Paura, our ambition is to enhance the cultural value of what clothing represents: not just a product, but the result of constant research, always on dialogues with the world outside and sincere dedication.

For this reason, we decided to partner with Lavazza, developing a purposeful object that combines functionality and aesthetic, tailoring and streetwear, past and future: an entirely crafted in Italy “Iced Bag”, an accessory that embodies both brands’ souls. Built with a 3in1 construction, it features a removable thermoregulating bag that keeps your iced coffee fresh. The idea came up to support the launch of the “Let’s Make a Refresh” campaign and to express the contemporary interpretation of classic excellence. After several thoughts on how to follow a similar approach on refreshing, we ended up bringing back a 90s staple, the fanny pack, and evolving it into a practical and versatile item. 

Limited exclusively to 80 pieces, it’s available now on at a special price of 149 euros, celebrating a proactive exchange between coffee and fashion.

Dedicated to all people behind the scenes who make these dreams concrete.

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