Nothing to FEAR

During these weeks of quarantine we passed through a self-isolation period which, in some ways, allow us to take a step back, reflect and go deep in our roots, diving into multiple streams of consciousness and team digital brainstorms.
We started from our label and its meaning: the word PAURA is actually the Italian translation of “Fear” and that’s why we figure out how relevant is for us what the Latins used to appoint as “Nomen Omen”, the relationship between name and fate. What we would like to pursue is a world beyond fear, built on the simple delight of making. 

We came up with “Nothing to Fear”, a 360-degrees CSR project based on a concrete message: understand and select fears, challenge them and find out new solutions to transform difficulties in opportunities. NTF is the way we express what PAURA di Danilo Paura stands for, now and forever.
For this reason, we decided to create a long-term partnership with Frolla, a micro biscuits laboratory located in Fermo, at the heart of Italy, where young disabled people are the leading players in an exciting social entrepreneurship activity that started with 3 people and now counts 16 people, a small cafè and a soccer team. We truly believe in the power of cooperation with small and local realities which can make a significant difference talking about those values able to shape the industry: passion, motivation and care. 

We’ll define special dates each year to drop a limited product set, crafted b y resident artisans, starting from this 15th of June. For this first time, the release will be only on our website and it will include garments that works as “white canvas” to convey the message: hoodies, t-shirts and long sleeves in premium Italian cotton, shirts and boxers with a kind of home-wear feeling and, obviously, delicious homemade biscuits. Every piece features both tone on tone and contrast prints alongside a special “spray” embroidery: since fear is not a trademark, as PAURA we didn’t accept stereotypes neither institutional labels; we come from the street where spray cans identify urban poet’s markers, we rape the statement “R”, embracing it in our way, ending with PAURA’s “P”. 

We looked at our network, our authentic friendships with the people around us in order to identify every drop a proper voice which can reassure and snatch a smile: the first one is longtime Danilo’s friend Leo Colacicco, LC23 creative director to leverage the value of a real collaboration.
The visual identity is in the hands of Adriano Cisani for his capability to capture human beings’ emotions and subconscious behaviors without tracing any boundary and for his extremely tasteful approach on combining analogical processes with modern subjects and stories. 

This is what, in some lines, sum up our way to develop things and purposes. We overcome our internal doubts, limits and rules and we would like to support and guide our community to do the same, day by day, more and more.
NTF aims to help people stop living in fear, commit to each other and go beyond their limits. 

Nothing To Fear will be exclusively available on from next June 20th.


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